We'll watch every night

The Baltimore Sun

The best college football game of the 2008 season so far has been between UCLA and Tennessee, one of those ESPN instant classics that was played into overtime at the Rose Bowl on Labor Day. Last I checked, that was a Monday night.

The second-best college football game this year was between South Florida and Kansas, a down-to the-final-gun shootout between a couple of Top 25 teams who normally don't have that wide of an audience. That was played last Friday night.

Playing games on days and nights other than Saturdays gives college football crazies something to do and often provides teams that are not on the radar a chance to show there's more to the sport than Ohio State-Southern California. (That game was on a Saturday, and it was over before halftime.)

I can't wait to catch up with my favorite non-Bowl Championship Series team, Boise State, when the Broncos host Louisiana Tech on Oct. 1 - a Wednesday - and Hawaii on Oct. 17 - a Friday. Or Texas Christian and Utah on Nov. 6 - a Thursday - right after Maryland plays at Virginia Tech.

I know that long before Kevin Van Valkenburg became Michael Phelps' shadow, he played college football at Montana. But as much of a traditionalist as you remain, Kevin, you're wrong on this one.

College football could be played every night of the week, and many - including me - would watch.

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