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Obama pummeled for many months

Ron Smith has apparently not had access to a newspaper or TV in the past 18 months. If he had, he certainly would have noticed the pummeling of Sen. Barack Obama over this period ("Media pummel Palin while Obama gets kid gloves," Commentary Sept. 17).

It's Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's turn now to have her life and career put under the microscope.

Most people outside of Alaska had never heard of this person who was suddenly selected to perhaps be the proverbial heartbeat away from the presidency.

It's not only the public's right to know who she is, what she's done and what she stands for, it's our responsibility as voting citizens to be fully educated about all the candidates.

If Mr. Smith wants to see Mrs. Palin treated with kid gloves, he should confine himself to watching Fox News or reading The Wall Street Journal.

Ellen Moats, Timonium

A different standard for GOP candidates?

Why does Ron Smith find it so unfair that the media are digging for dirt about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ("Media pummel Palin while Obama gets kid gloves," Commentary, Sept. 17)?

The media, along with the majority party in Congress, dug for six years for dirt on Bill Clinton in a failed attempt to use the impeachment process as a remedy for lost elections.

I guess that was OK, since many people seem to think it's OK to play hardball with Democrats but a crime to do the same to Republicans.

For this I have but six words: Double standard. Double standard. Double standard.

Thad Paulhamus, Baltimore

Smith tells the truth about bias in the race

Thank you for printing Ron Smith's column "Media pummel Palin while Obama gets kid gloves" (Commentary, Sept. 17).

It is refreshing to see the basic truths come to light in The Baltimore Sun. When even former Hillary Clinton adviser Mark Penn says the media attacks on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin have the strong possibility of backfiring, it really means something.

I am tired of the media's constant favoritism of Sen. Barack Obama.

Bring on more of Mr. Smith.

T. K. Ward, Timonium

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