From 'Earth' to Emmys

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Tonight brings the season finale of the impressive Discovery Project Earth series. Scientists offer the intriguing hypothesis that storing carbon dioxide under the Earth's crust could help fight global warming. (9 p.m., Discovery) ** 1/2

The network TV season starts Sunday night, and it is all about Emmys on ABC. The run-up begins with Jimmy Kimmel's Big Night of Stars at 7 p.m.

KIMMEL DOES THE EMMYS Yes, some of the things you have to do to keep your job as host of a late-night talk show are sad. But I kind of think embarrassment is not an emotion Kimmel has ever experienced. (7 p.m. Sunday, ABC)

THE REAL EMMYS Then there's the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast. If AMC's Mad Men or FX's Damages wins the best drama Emmy, it would be a first for basic cable. And because HBO's inspired historical miniseries John Adams won eight Emmys at the craft awards last week, it's only three short of tying Angels in America and Eleanor and Franklin as all-time Emmy winners. (8 p.m. Sunday, ABC)

AND IF YOU DON'T WANT EMMYS Over on HBO, which will probably win lots of Emmys, there's Entourage. Vince (Adam Grenier) goes to a sweet 16 party this week. (10 p.m. Sunday, HBO) ***

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