Roberts: 'Don't wake me'

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Loren Roberts, the defending champion of the Constellation Energy Senior Tour Championship, was in town yesterday to do interviews with the media as he prepares to defend his title Oct. 9-12 against a field that includes Tom Watson, Jeff Sluman, Tom Kite, Bernhard Langer, Jay Haas, Mark O'Meara and Maryland's own Fred Funk.

Roberts cruised last year, beating Watson by six shots. Since its inception, the tournament has raised more than $8.5 million for local charities. Always a good sport, Roberts agreed to answer five wacky questions from us.

1. Politics aside, whom do you like in an alternate-shot match between Barack Obama-Joe Biden and John McCain-Sarah Palin?

Hmmm. Obviously, we all know that Palin was an athlete, so I'd probably have to go with McCain/Palin because Sarah was a great competitive athlete.

2. Rod Stewart once crooned, "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger." What is something you wish that you'd known as a younger man that is important to you now?

Gosh, probably just patience. That's why some players get it going earlier than others in their careers, I think. They learn about the patience factor. Some guys, it takes awhile to figure out they can't push that hard.

3. Obviously, you have one of the coolest nicknames in sports, "The Boss of the Moss," because you're one of the best putters alive. If you had to give Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss" of rock 'n' roll, one putting tip, what do you think it would be?

Wow. What tip would I give him? Does he even play? It seems like he's one of the best of his field, so it would be pretty hard to give anybody a tip who is the best at what they do.

Follow-up question: Is "Glory Days" an appropriate song for some of these guys out on the Senior Tour?

Yeah, unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, I'm still having my glory days. I didn't have my glory days when I was on the regular [PGA] tour. I had a nice career, but I'm having my glory now, so don't wake me up, I'm still in them.

4. Tiger Woods has a gigantic $50 million yacht that he calls Privacy . If you had a boat that big, what do you think you'd name it?

(Laughing) Don't you know what b-o-a-t stands for? Break Out Another Thousand. And if you had a boat that big, it's Break Out Another Million. If I had a boat that big, I'd be hoping I'd be renting it out every week. For me, I'm not really into boats, so I'd probably call it My Boondoggle.

5. So, last question: Favorite line from Caddy- shack ?

The best line of the movie: "Hey, looks good on you, though!"

Thanks Loren. If we could, we'd give you a free bowl of soup.



When: Oct. 9-12

Site: Baltimore Country Club East Course

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