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Gibson's ambush very unfair to Palin

Charles Gibson's interview (or should I say interrogation?) of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wasn't just bad; it was a poorly executed ambush.

Mr. Gibson deliberately tried to intimidate Mrs. Palin (although it didn't work) by leaning so far forward in his chair that his partisan nose was smack in her face. It was a disgraceful, shameless, aggressive and unnecessary attack.

What became painfully obvious during this so-called interview was that the media do not and have not treated Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden in the same fashion they have treated Mrs. Palin.

So, the answer to The Baltimore Sun's question, "Was that so bad?" (editorial, Sept. 14), is an unequivocal "yes."

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

Palin unprepared on policy questions

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is no doubt a fine politician, but I think that is all she is.

In her interview with ABC's Charles Gibson, she seemed clueless about presidential policies ("Was that so bad?" editorial, Sept. 14).

We've endured the consequences of seven-plus years of a president wearing rose-colored glasses and lacking in knowledge of the world around him. Do we want another such person a heartbeat away from the presidency?

In my book, the choice of Mrs. Palin for vice president brings Sen. John McCain's judgment into question.

Mary Remington, Cockeysville

Inexperienced Palin not ready for Putin

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's interview with ABC's Charles Gibson shows that her foreign affairs coaches have their work cut out for them ("Palin says 'perhaps' on chance of war with Russia," Sept. 12).

In contrast, Sen. Joe Biden became a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1975 and now serves as its chairman.

To the idea of Mrs. Palin representing me and my country in a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, I say, no thanks.

Mary Geer, Baltimore

The writer is a volunteer for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

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