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HEY, JAMISON: Why did the Ravens release Piotr Czech and then sign some unnamed, unknown rookie who wasn't even at training camp? Stover is not immortal and we will pay for giving him up eventually.

Wayne Rohrer , Harrisburg, Pa.

HEY, WAYNE: The Ravens once released Robbie Gould, who became a Pro Bowl kicker for the Chicago Bears. But the team probably won't regret the decision with Czech. He showed some promise in training camp, but he couldn't cut it as a kickoff specialist. The Ravens needed someone who could pin offenses deep in their own territory.

HEY, JAMISON: Since the departure of Phil Savage, it would appear that Ravens drafting has not been what it used to be. Ozzie Newsome has generally been credited with being one of the NFL masterminds for scouting and drafting quality players. Is this credit rightfully Ozzie's, or was it really Savage who should receive the credit for bringing in the talent that we got through the draft? Is Newsome not as valuable to the Ravens as we make him out to be?

Eric Richard, Baltimore

HEY, ERIC: When a team fires the head coach, next on the pecking order for fan criticism usually is the general manager. But Newsome is still one of the most respected decision-makers in the NFL. Sure, the Ravens' draft room would be stronger with Phil Savage, a great talent evaluator. The Ravens, though, have hit on first-rounders Haloti Ngata and Ben Grubbs. Where they have to get stronger is in the second and third rounds, where they have recently missed. If that trend continues, then some criticism would be warranted.

HEY, JAMISON: Just how confident is the locker room and coaching staff in Willis McGahee, or are they looking at Ray Rice with stars in their eyes? McGahee has given no reason to expect anything substantial from him this season, except his noteworthy performance last year. However, his track record from Buffalo had people from that organization feeling he was dogging it at times, or at least not giving 100 percent. So I'm wondering whether the Ravens organization has full faith in Willis right now, because as a fan, I certainly don't.

Eric Lanasa, Arbutus

HEY, ERIC: It's not Rice who has caught the Ravens' eye. It's Le'Ron McClain, who has shown flashes of being a special power back. McClain's success could lead to less playing time for McGahee. McGahee should have gotten the message in the opener that the Ravens can establish a running game without him. Maybe this will get his attention.

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