Former lieutenant governor, current show-stopper

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Carmen Amedori, 52, is a resident of Westminster and was a state delegate representing Carroll County from 1999 until 2004, when she was appointed to serve on the Maryland Parole Commission during the Ehrlich administration.

A Baltimore native and a graduate of Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University), Amedori worked as a paralegal and journalist while raising two daughters before entering the world of politics. She was one of the few elected officials in Maryland who supported John McCain when he ran for president in 2000 and was an alternate delegate at that year's convention.

Amedori has agreed to write a blog this week for The Baltimore Sun about her experiences. Here's an excerpt from her online diary:

Convention Day 3 - There was so much action on the convention floor this evening. Upon arrival, I switched credentials with my alternate, Kelly Schultz from Frederick. I wanted to make sure that I was back in my seat for the speech by Michael Steele. That didn't happen. While in the alternate section, the McCain floor leader began handing us large handmade political signs and stated there were a few presidential candidate Ron Paul people in the area who they suspected were going to try to disrupt some of the speeches. That didn't happen.

Still, we were instructed by the young man in the yellow baseball cap to raise the signs to block any attempt made to show signs for Ron Paul. We did an awesome job. Rockin' and rollin' as the music blared and waving signs for nearly an hour before the protester revealed herself as she raised the unorthodox sign toward the TV camera. The sign was then confiscated - just as Steele was taking the stage.

In Steele-like tradition, he brought the crowd to their feet. Maryland draped the state flag over the railing. The delegates from the floor began a "call and response" chant with "Michael" as the alternates overhead responded with "Steele." We were all so proud to have our former Lt. Gov. light up the opposition as he addressed issues such as energy and drilling, to which the chant "drill, baby, drill" began....

Last week, a Maryland delegate to the Democratic convention blogged for The Baltimore Sun.

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