Catching up with him much easier on land

ORLANDO, Fla. — ORLANDO, Fla. - There was a big personality waiting to leap out of Michael Phelps. He was just waiting for someone to ask the right questions after he waved to a crowd of fans in a celebratory parade hosted by Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom yesterday.

Phelps, of Rodgers Forge, chatted with a row of television reporters. He gave rehearsed answers to the same tired questions.


"Has the reality of eight gold medals sunk in yet?" several reporters asked.

"When the eighth happened, I had to realize what really happened," said Phelps, who has traveled to Portugal, London and New York in the past eight days.


As we've seen, there's much more to the junk food-eating, pickle-hating, Michael Jordan-loving future Saturday Night Live guest host than gold medals.

So we asked.

Hangin' 10 with Phelps

* Jay-Z or Kanye West? Jay-Z.

* Who would be the hotter Chico's clothing store model, Gisele Bundchen or Debbie Phelps? My mom, of course. What kind of question is that?

* Hummer H3 or 1972 Mustang? '72 Mustang.

* Favorite Saturday Night Live host? Chris Farley.

* John McCain or Barack Obama? Private.


* Swim the English Channel or Pacific Ocean? Neither.

* Craziest rumor about you? That I dated [American swimmer] Amanda Beard and [British model] Lily Donaldson.

* Last person you kissed? My mom.

* Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Come on, you can't do that to me.

* Next record to break? Eating more.