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Bickering but incredibly photogenic couple Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher find themselves unexpectedly married after a night of binge-drinking. But before they can make things right again, the disputed rights to a $3 million jackpot - one newlywed won using the other's quarter - makes disconnecting a little harder.

It's all formulaic, but Diaz and Kutcher display an easy chemistry. Easy on the eyes, if not on the sensibilities. An "extended jackpot edition" ($34.98) includes some two hours of deleted scenes, outtakes and interviews.

One to buy: CHICAGO 10 (Paramount, $29.98). Brett Morgen wrote and directed this innovative documentary that puts protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention into cultural and historical context.

One to rent: HEROES: SEASON 2 (Universal, $39.98, $69.95 blu-ray). OK, Season 2 was a disappointment. So rent this four-disc set, catch up on the episodes you missed (or revisit the ones that were especially strong), and get ready for the we-promise-this-one-will-be-better third season.

One to avoid: SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM (Criterion, $39.95). Child-abuse, disembowelment and scalping (not the ticket kind) among fascist Italy's upper class, from Pier Paolo Pasolini. Just because a film's nauseating, as this 1975 work is, doesn't make it art.

One for the kids: FAT ALBERT'S HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (Classic Media, $12.95). Bill Cosby's most charming creation has lost little of his appeal over the years, as Rudy, Albert and company may have chosen the wrong old woman to pick on for Halloween.

Also out this week: The Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (Warner Home Video, $49.98); Everybody Hates Chris: The Third Season (Paramount, $39.98); Linda Lovelace for President (Dark Sky Films, $14.98)

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