faceoff: who should be the ravens' starting quarterback?

The Baltimore Sun

If Kyle Boller's throwing shoulder is healthy enough for him to play, he should be the Ravens' starting quarterback in the regular-season opener.

Supporters for Troy Smith will point to his confidence. But you can't ignore completion percentage.

Boller's completion percentage has increased every season, topping out at 61 percent last year. Smith has connected on just 47 percent of his throws this preseason and about 53 percent in four games last season.

The statistics say Boller provides the best chance of moving the ball on a consistent basis.

Boller has become an easy target for Ravens fans because of countless turnovers and poor decisions. But it's easy to forget his positives.

At this point, he is the Ravens' most well-rounded quarterback from size to arm strength to experience.

Others will point to Smith's intangibles, such as being a winner at Ohio State. Boller, though, was 18-16 as an NFL starting quarterback before last season's disastrous turn.

It's time to stop the Boller bashing and accept the reality of the situation. Boller might no longer be the Ravens' quarterback of the future, but he is the best quarterback of the present.

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