The Monday Consult: What's the best age for jogging strollers?

The Baltimore Sun

Welcome to the first Monday Consult - the in-print version of a feature we've been running on our parenting blog, Charm City Moms. Each Monday, we consult an expert or two to answer a reader's question about parenting.

Recently a commenter on the blog asked, "At what age can we REALLY start using the jogging stroller for jogging? The folks who work at the running store are, well, kinda macho about it ('We started when she was 2 months old!') and the books/literature online sometimes say as late as 8 months."

The commenter, who used the handle Jon, said he's eager to exercise with his baby while keeping the child safe.

I put the question to Dr. Daniel Levy, an Owings Mills pediatrician who is a national spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Levy wrote back in an e-mail that around 4 months, most children would be able to lift their heads when placed on their stomachs, and therefore would have enough head control to ride in a jogging stroller. "At that point, the head will not bounce around, and there will be minimal danger of the kinds of acceleration/deceleration that might cause injury," he wrote.

If you're wondering whether your child has sufficient head control for the jogging stroller, it couldn't hurt to check with your own pediatrician to get his or her opinion.

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