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1. Theater

Doubt: A Parable:

Clinton Brandhagen (above) stars in the powerful drama of a Catholic school ripped apart by accusations of child abuse. It comes to the Everyman Theater this week for a six-week run. Look extra smart and catch the Pulitzer-Prize-winning play before the movie version lands in theaters next year. Opens Friday.

For more: everymantheatre.org

2. Art


Multimedia artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt, aka Semiconductor, bring their trippy blend of science and art to D.C.'s Hirshhorn Museum. The show, which runs through December, includes the short film Magnetic Movie, which explores the "secret lives of invisible magnetic fields." Sounds scientific, yet sordid. Opens Monday.

For more: hirshhorn.si.edu

3. Movies

Hamlet 2:

The title says it all. It's sightly subversive and totally moronic. The indie comedy centers on an out-of-work actor who stages a musical sequel to the Bard's classic tragedy. Plus, Amy Poehler and Catherine Keener are involved. Now in theaters.

4. Exhibit

Gunther von Hagens' :

BodyWorlds 2:

It's your last week to catch the slightly creepy but extremely fascinating exhibit at the Maryland Science Center. Dozens of anatomical specimens are on display, allowing for close-up views of organs, muscles and even nerves. Ends next Monday.

For more: mdsci.org

5. DVD

Heroes Season Two:

The NBC hit about average joes with extraordinary powers won't be back with new episodes for almost a month. In the meantime, we can catch up where they left off in December when an unstoppable menace (the Hollywood writers' strike) ended the season prematurely at only 11 shows. In stores Tuesday.

6. Music

'Paper Planes,' by M.I.A.:

Seth Rogen's Pineapple Express isn't quite the smash that Knocked Up was, but at least Pineapple's de facto theme song really gets in your head. Gunshots have never been so infectiously catchy. On M.I.A.'s Kala in stores now.

7. Television

January Jones on Mad Men:

As '60s trophy wife Betty Draper, she looks like Grace Kelly but acts like your little sister. Slightly unhinged but never over-the-top, Jones (with the Mad Men: writers) dares you to pigeonhole her and then surprises you in the end. Mad Men airs at 10 tonight on AMC.

8. Art

Baltimore Portrait:

by Erin Fitzpatrick:

It's not often that you can go to an art show and mingle with the subjects. Fitzpatrick paints familiar faces from trendy restaurants and bars. More than a dozen will be on display; with their real-life counterparts. Starts at 7 tonight at Rocket to Venus in Hampden.

For more: fitzbomb.blogspot.com.

9. Games

Mario Super Sluggers:

on Nintendo Wii:

While real sports fanatics are entrenched in Madden NFL 09, Nintendo has a decidedly less real and more cuddly alternative. Add the Wii's dynamic controls and you get a baseball game that's a home run for even the smallest of players. In stores Tuesday.

10. Concert

Adele :

Part of a wave of bluesy British singers that includes tabloid train wreck Amy Winehouse, Adele has perfected the smoky sound without the drama. She performs Wednesday at the 9:30 Club in D.C.

For more: 930.com

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