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The Sun's Olympic correspondents, Rick Maese and Kevin Van Valkenburg, are blogging to each other at baltimoresun.com/olympicsblog . An excerpt:

To: Maese, et al.

Subject: Katie Hoff, meet Jimmy Buffett

One thing we've heard swimmers say the past few days is that the weeks and months after the Olympics are really their only offseason. You spend four years putting your body and your mind through hell, and then, regardless of what happens, you need some time to decompress.

Katie Hoff is going to take full advantage of that.

These Olympics didn't turn out exactly the way she had hoped - a silver and two bronze medals - but she'll be back. She mentioned that she's sort of figuring out some of the same things Natalie Coughlin figured out when she was 19 - that even though you might be capable of swimming five individual events on paper, your body might think otherwise. You'll see her ready to go in London in 2012. She'll probably be swimming fewer events, but she'll be stronger from the experience in Beijing.

For now, though, it's off to a tropical island and the feel of sand between her toes. ...

"I'm thinking about the Cayman Islands," she said yesterday. "People speak English there, and [a friend] lives there, so I might have a connection of where to go or where are the best places."

Kevin Van Valkenburg

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