Suggs ends holdout at the perfect time

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News item: Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs will end his contract holdout today and report to the team's Owings Mills training complex, where he'll sign his $8.5 million franchise tender.

My take: Does anyone think it was a coincidence that he informed the team of his plans to report on Friday, the day the Ravens broke camp in Westminster?

News item: The 10-year, $20 million promotional deal the Green Bay Packers offered Brett Favre included a line of Favre clothing, merchandise and autographed collectibles. It also would have required him to make personal appearances for the team and write a blog on the team's Web site.

My take: Personally, I'm sorry he turned it down. I would have been the first on my block to Favre-up my wardrobe. I mean, how much is a T-shirt and a pair of jeans going to set you back?

Bonus take: He might want to think twice about the blog, however. Who would want to hear the unintelligible ramblings of some washed-up quarterback when you've got The Schmuck Stops Here on

Related news item: Five days into New York Jets training camp, Favre reported that his arm felt "fatigued."

My take: More reason not to consider writing a blog. The risk of carpal tunnel syndrome would only aggravate the problem.

News item: The Orioles signed their top draft choice - left-handed pitcher Brian Matusz - to a major league contract that included a $3.2 million signing bonus. He'll spend some time in one of the fall leagues and report to spring training with the major league club.

My take: There was a little suspense at the end, but who really thought the kid would go back to school and put that kind of money at risk for another season of college ball?

News item: American gymnast Nastia Liukin won the gold medal in the individual all-around competition. American Shawn Johnson finished second. China's Yang Yilin took the bronze medal.

My take: I'm hearing that China would have dominated the individual competition, but somebody forgot to pick up several members of the team from day care.

News item: The U.S. government has filed a motion to take over Michael Vick's finances in response to his Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

My take: If that sounds like Big Brother on the prowl, it's not. The government is stepping in because Vick gave power of attorney over his assets to a guy who has been accused in a civil complaint of swindling investors out of $500,000 in New Jersey and gave $550,000 to a woman he has accused of making unauthorized withdrawals from his defined benefit plan. In other words, Mike is kind of stupid when it comes to money, and the government - at least in this case - is here to help.

News item: Chinese Olympic organizers have been subjected to widespread ridicule for their strange attempts to micromanage the opening ceremony, which included digitally enhancing the fireworks display for the global television broadcast and replacing the anthem singer with a lip-syncing stand-in because the original girl wasn't cute enough.

My take: I'm shocked that such an open and enlightened country would stoop to such petty duplicity. Doesn't that government have better things to do, like oppressing small countries and arresting journalists?

News item: New Los Angeles Dodger Manny Ramirez finally got around to the haircut manager Joe Torre ordered when he was traded from the Boston Red Sox two weeks ago. The trim ended what had been dubbed the "Dreadlock Deadlock" by some clever newspaper guys.

My take: Well, I guess you could call it a haircut. Manny got 1 inch taken off his lengthy dreadlocks, and Torre is going to look the other way as long as he keeps hitting about .450 in Dodger Blue.

News item: Michael Phelps earned his eighth gold medal last night at the Beijing Games, and Katie Hoff closed out her Olympics with a silver medal and two bronze medals.

My take: If Towson would just declare its independence, it would be fourth in gold medals and 12th in the overall medal count.

News item: Much has been made at the Olympics about Phelps' daily in-competition diet, which adds up to about 12,000 calories a day.

My take: So, you're saying that's a lot?

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