Out of trouble, back in NFL?

The Baltimore Sun

You know who we haven't heard about lately?

Adam Jones.

And that's a good thing - especially for him.

Jones will be submitting a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today requesting full reinstatement to the league. Jones has been participating in practices and preseason games for the Dallas Cowboys under terms of a partial reinstatement.

Neither Jones on the Dallas side - meaning owner Jerry Jones and the player Jones - wants to appear impatient, but, clearly, it seems fair that Goodell at least give a strong hint about his decision by the roster cut to 53 on Aug. 30.

It's unclear whether further legal proceedings in Las Vegas, where three people were shot in a 2007 incident that was partially instigated by Jones, might have an impact on Jones' status with the NFL. But for the past few months, the cornerback has not run afoul of the law in any fresh misadventures.

In Jones' case, no news is definitely good news.

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