Wartime not the right time for Manny's Iraq comment

The Baltimore Sun

Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez has said and done a number of annoying things over the years, but this past weekend, he came up with a pip as he continues to work his way through another love-me-or-trade-me jag.

Ramirez, who has already collected more than $100 million in Boston, has wanted the Red Sox to make clear their intentions for 2009 and 2010, when they have options to sign him at $20 million per season. In the absence of a clear signal, he has suggested that they trade him.

Of course, all this is going on in the middle of a heated divisional race with the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees.

Manny made his point again in these terms: "I don't have any preferences. I could choose a team that offers me the best conditions or one in the chase for the postseason. I don't care where I play; I can even play in Iraq if need be."

Certainly Ramirez was engaging in a bit of hyperbole when he said it didn't matter whether his change in scenery involved swapping the Green Monster for the Green Zone, but even in jest, he should know that there are plenty of folks who would gladly take that trade in reverse.

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