Just Manny being ... a pain

The Baltimore Sun

Sigh, just Manny being Manny, right?

Mr. Flip supposes that is how Manny Ramirez's latest actions will be viewed in many quarters. First, he missed the first two games of the Boston Red Sox's series with the New York Yankees with a knee injury that some apparently don't believe was much of a knee injury. Then, he told ESPNdeportes.com he wouldn't mind being traded.

"If the Red Sox are a better team without Manny Ramirez, they should trade me; I will not object," he said. " ... I don't want to be a problem and a distraction to the Red Sox in such a critical moment of the season. I want to help the team, even if that means I have to go."

Good to hear he doesn't want to be a distraction.

He also said: "The Yankees are getting closer and getting stronger, while we haven't done much. I could say that right now there's a strange atmosphere in our team."

Gee, you think that atmosphere might have something to do with one of its best hitters suddenly asking out of the lineup and then talking about being traded?

But that's just Manny being Manny, so they say.

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