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When it comes to fashion, Nasrine Magaletta could teach a course. She used to model fulltime. Now, she does so some evenings at Power Plant Live's MEX restaurant, in addition to her fulltime position at a marketing director for a corporate real estate firm. Fashion is more than a passing fancy to the 22-year-old Catonsville resident. It's a science she still loves to study.

Age: 22

Residence: Catonsville

Job: Director of marketing for Heffner & Weber Companies/MEX promotional model

Self-described style : "Colorful, updated and individually trendy"

The look: Multicolor satin cocktail dress. Silver leather strappy Hypnotic sandals. Silver bangles and silver hoop earrings. Movado bracelet watch.

Where it came from: The dress, Express. The sandals, borrowed from a friend. Her silver jewelry, Cache. Her watch was a college graduation present from her sister.

Fashion is more than frippery: "It's extremely important. Image is 100 percent of how people perceive you and how confident you feel about yourself."

Her fashion "education": My mom always raised me to have basic necessities in [my] closet, like: have a little black dress (it's always functional for a date); [and also have] strappy heels, black pumps and always have a nice suit. ... I started modeling when I was 15 years old. I was exposed to the high fashion industry when 17 or 18, when I was signed with an international modeling agency. I took a full-time position and went to school, so I wasn't able to model full time. But once you develop that appreciation, you don't really lose it."

She still does her homework: "I definitely follow the fashion industry and runways very closely. By doing that, you know what's a season ahead. So I always know what to look for months in advance."

Reading an outfit: "When I see something in a store like Nordstrom's, I'll take it apart and say this is a basic white tank top with like a black blazer and certain accessories. So, to pull off this look, I probably need the black blazer but I can get the shell somewhere else. I go from store to store, being able to piece something together myself. ... And sometimes that will save me something like $65 on an outfit that really won't look any different than the other."

She does her math: "I am definitely a bargain shopper. I always make it a point to compare prices."

Fashion school has its rules: "Honestly, it so depends on the individual. Just because you saw it in the catalog, it doesn't necessarily look good on you. And you should be able to walk in the [high-heeled] shoes. You can be in a gorgeous outfit and not be able to carry it off [if you're not walking well in high heels]. ... The biggest thing for me is: Never show too much skin. If you're going to show your midriff, wear jeans. If you're going to show your legs, cover your cleavage, cover your abdomen. Don't ever show too much. For me, I always like to maintain a sense of class, no matter what I'm wearing.."


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