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Cassidy Lee Grewell of Billings, MT & Dr. Gregory Alexander Juda of Bozeman, MT, were married May 25, 2008, by Rancher Cole Grewell at Springhill Pavilion in Belgrade, MT. In accordance with longstanding Blackfoot Indian tradition, the groom had to prove his status as a warrior and hunter to her family prior to their engagement. Her family was satisfied when Greg caught and hog tied a feral pig. The families also exchanged horses and robes after the wedding. The bride is the daughter of Carla & Mike Grewell of Billings, MT. The groom is the son of Donna Logan & James Fauber of Staunton and the late Robert H. Juda. The wedding party included Abby Greco, Christi Grewell, Kevin Cleaner Juda, Steve Krueger, Edward Souder, Dr. Eric Larsen & Dr. Todd Huffman. The couple plans to Honeymoon in Baltimore, where they first met.

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