Fight ends in odd decision

The Baltimore Sun

The Single-A baseball game between Peoria and Dayton (Midwest League) had slipped into the realm of absurdity even before the first inning was over, as three hit batsmen - one struck in the head - resulted in a free-for-all between the two clubs.

It was ratcheted up several notices when Peoria pitcher Julio Castillo took the inadvisable step of hurling a baseball at the home Dayton dugout, missed and hit a fan who had to be taken away on a stretcher. Castillo was arrested and jailed.

The umpires, trying to restore order under riotous conditions, ejected 15 players and both managers. And then things got even more goofy.

Officials representing both organizations (Dayton is with the Cincinnati Reds and Peoria the Chicago Cubs) called the league president appealing the ejections because they would have meant that pitchers would have to play in the field. And the league president agreed.

What's that all about?

How would this have been for an idea? The ejections stand. The game is suspended and reviewed. And neither team plays again until the responsible parties are disciplined.

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