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Buzz of blogosphere

The Baltimore Sun

FRIDAY Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger seems to be embarking on a new career as a celebrity antagonist.

For those who monitor the movements of sports journalism figures, Bissinger might be familiar as the angry fellow who ripped into former Deadspin blog editor Will Leitch during an April television panel discussion of the sports blogging business. Bissinger careered so badly out of control that, in the days and weeks that followed, he was compelled to repeatedly apologize for his profanity-laced tirade.

Now comes word, via Bissinger's own account last weekend in The New York Times, that the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and writer was in another scuffle, this one physical, with security guards as part of a disagreement with NCAA officials over carrying a camera into the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. As Bissinger tells it, there were angry words and a little bumping, followed by a takedown, some bloodshed and even handcuffs.

One of Bissinger's beefs with the blogosphere has been that it seizes on the most embarrassing moments of celebrity life - especially sports celebrity life - and uses that unpleasantness as currency for its own profit. Well, though Buzz may not like much of the blogging universe and what it does, I can guarantee that with this kind of behavior, he is quickly becoming a darling of that very world.

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