Early to bed, early to win?

The Baltimore Sun

As the Ravens begin training camp this week, much of the focus has been on the change from the supposed country club under Brian Billick to the tight ship being instituted by new coach John Harbaugh, complete with bed checks and fewer days off.

Maybe this is what the Ravens need. Mr. Flip isn't sure. Did the Ravens lose last year because they had too many days off in training camp?

Look at it this way: If Steve McNair hadn't suddenly become an old quarterback during the 2007 season, would anyone be talking about the "soft" treatment players got in Westminster?

Mr. Flip has to believe players take their year-round conditioning fairly seriously. Do they still need a harsh training camp to whip themselves into shape?

But if the Ravens make the playoffs this season, some people might point to how Harbaugh toughened them up at McDaniel College. Perhaps. It could also have a lot to do with how quickly Joe Flacco develops into an NFL quarterback.

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