For LPGA, score this one shooting itself in the foot

N ews item: Golf phenom Michelle Wie was disqualified from the State Farm Classic yesterday for failing to sign her scorecard after the second round. She was one shot off the lead after her third round when LPGA Tour officials notified her of the discrepancy.

My take: We live in a golf world where every shot is documented and every score is posted throughout each tournament, yet the LPGA crushes one of its most bankable young stars over an arcane scoring rule that has nothing to do with what happens on the course. Hurts the kid. Hurts the tournament. Hurts the LPGA. Brilliant!


News item: The New York Daily News has reported that convicted steroid supplier Kirk Radomski recently gave investigators shipping receipts for two human growth hormone kits he allegedly mailed to the home of Roger Clemens.

My take: Let me guess: Roger didn't know anything about it because Brian McNamee lived in a pup tent right next to his mail box and intercepted the package.


News item: Josh Hamilton hit 28 home runs in the first round of the All-Star Home Run Derby.

My take: And I heard some idiot actually wrote that baseball ought to drop the event because, get this, it is boring and reminds everyone of the steroid scandal.

News item: The All-Star Game lasted 15 innings and came perilously close to ending in a tie for the second time in this decade.

My take: It wouldn't have been as embarrassing as the first time, but baseball owners have to come up with some fail-safe method of assuring the game ends with a decision.

Bonus my take: I suggested something like this the last time. Just allow each All-Star manager to choose three top long relievers to comprise an "emergency squad" in case the game exhausts the regular pitching staff. It's about time baseball threw those guys a bone.

News item: Promising Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco has tested positive for EPO, forcing his team to withdraw from the Tour de France.

My take: Ricco is only the third rider this year to test positive for a banned substance. I mean, are these guys even trying anymore?

News item: When Brett Favre finally decided to explain himself in a televised interview last week, he did with Fox News commentator and Wisconsin native Gretta Van Susteren.


My take: It's only fair that the next time Gretta gets cosmetic surgery, she does it at a Packers game.

News item: Manny Ramirez is feuding with Boston Red Sox management again, claiming the team has not been upfront with him about its plans for the future.

My take: You'd think a guy making $20 million per year for eight years could wait until after the pennant race to make a stink about his contract. Just ask Red Sox owner John Henry.

News item: Members of the New England Revolution professional soccer team helped subdue a deranged passenger on an American Airlines flight Friday.

My take: Which was no small task, since they weren't allowed to use their hands.

News item: Former Oriole Mike Mussina registered his 12th victory of the year Friday night and stayed on pace for his first 20-win season.


My take: I think it's time Moose gave part-time pitching coach Hank ("He just needs to learn how to pitch like Jamie Moyer") Steinbrenner a little credit for the advice that pulled him out of his early-season slump.

News item: New Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has agreed to a five-year contract worth up to $30 million, with $8.75 million guaranteed, and will be there for the first day of camp this week.

My take: Rookie move. Obviously, nobody told him what it's like in Westminster in late July.

News item: Chinese Olympics officials have asked restaurants and hotels to remove dishes containing dog meat from their menus during the Beijing Olympics.

My take: In that case, I guess I won't have the fettuccine al-fido.


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