Wins open cash register

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Next to this is a column about mixed martial arts light-heavyweight Forrest Griffin, who won an Ultimate Fighting Championship title July 5.

The day after the upset win over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Griffin had a seat in the World Series of Poker main event. The seat cost $10,000, but an online poker site paid the fee, and Griffin reflected on that and other perks that could come with being a champion MMA fighter.

"The thing with anything - remember why you're there," Griffin said. "People pay me to come here and play poker. Why? Because I'm a pretty good fighter. So make sure that you win fights and good things will happen."

Where we're going with this is pro golfer John Daly, who yesterday blasted former swing coach Butch Harmon, contending that Harmon's criticism that Daly was more interested in partying than becoming a better golfer has been ruining Daly's life. Apparently, Daly has been losing sponsor exemptions, which have been a meal ticket, since Harmon ripped him.

"I think most of that stuff started with Butch Harmon," Daly said before the British Open at England's Royal Birkdale began. "I think his lies kind of destroyed my life for a little bit, the lies that he said about being at the Hooters tent [during a tournament in Florida] and all this stuff."

Meanwhile, Daly has made just three cuts in 12 starts this year, and his best finish is a tie for 60th at a tournament in Mexico. He has won less than $30,000 this year.

Daly should heed the fighter's words - play well and good things happen. Play as Daly has been playing and to blame someone else is to be in denial of reality.

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