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Player Key stat Grade Jeff Zrebiec's comment

Matt Albers 28 games B+ Key in early bullpen success, his loss felt on nightly basis.

Chad Bradford 2.70 ERA B- Allows a lot of base runners, though he has gotten big outs, too.

Brian Burres 5.02 ERA C+ It hasn't been pretty, but staff-leading seven wins count for something.

Freddie Bynum .179 avg. D Has struggled offensively, and defense becoming issue, too.

Daniel Cabrera 129 innings B- Winless June hurt, but improvements clearly have been made.

Lance Cormier 3.15 ERA B Despite recent struggles, has been solid in long-relief role.

Jeremy Guthrie 14 quality starts B+ Has only five wins despite pitching like ace most nights.

Ramon Hernandez 8 errors D Has been inconsistent and prone to lapses, especially defensively.

Aubrey Huff 59 RBIs A Booed during first homestand, has been cheered since, and for good reason.

Jim Johnson 2.03 ERA A Went from Triple-A starter to perhaps team's first-half MVP.

Adam Jones .281 avg. B+ Hard to expect more from 22-year-old who has been quick study.

Radhames Liz 1.74 WHIP D Overwhelmed against big league hitters, as 7.57 ERA would attest.

Adam Loewen 4 starts Inc. Deserves pass with injuries not letting him perform to his capabilities.

Nick Markakis 59 walks B+ Early issues with strikeouts and RISP only blemishes in solid first half.

Kevin Millar .339 OBA C Best work continues to be done in clubhouse and with glove.

Melvin Mora .233 avg. C- Clutch at times, but too good of a hitter to have first half he did.

Garrett Olson 5.65 ERA C- Still needs to learn how to get deep into games and stay in attack mode.

Jay Payton 31 RBIs C+ Has been reasonably productive and professional in fourth outfielder role.

Guillermo Quiroz 79 at-bats C+ Here for his defense, has done nice job in that area.

Brian Roberts 8 triples A MacPhail was right in asking for boatload in return for leadoff man.

Dennis Sarfate 46 strikeouts B- When he throws strikes, right-hander has been weapon in bullpen.

Luke Scott 14 HRs B- Consistency has been only issue with Scott, who has proved solid addition.

George Sherrill 28 saves B+ Recent struggles aside, he has done admirable job as first-year closer.

Jamie Walker .382 average for lefties D Injuries have played part, though struggles versus lefties confounding.

NOTE: Only pitchers with more than 20 innings and position players with 30 games or more were considered. Players who have either been released or sent to the minors were also excluded.

Inc.: incomplete.

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