Parkville's Corbett in serious car accident

The Baltimore Sun

Josh Corbett, a rising junior basketball player at Parkville and the team's leading scorer last season, was involved in a severe car accident Friday, according to Knights coach Rod Norris.

Corbett, 6 feet 7, was traveling with his girlfriend's family to Virginia Beach for a vacation. Norris said it's believed that the driver fell asleep at the wheel and Corbett's car went up 20 feet in the air, spun and landed in a ravine. Norris said all four people in the car lived through the accident but that Corbett is still in the Virginia Commonwealth Health Center in Richmond.

Corbett suffered a broken right shoulder and lacerations to his right hand and underneath his right eye.

Norris said Corbett was originally in a medically induced coma and put on life support. He is out of the coma, has shown some awareness and spoke a few words, according to Norris, and hopefully will be able to return to Maryland next week.

"There's still some issues with head injuries," Norris said. "We hope it works out, and every day that he's alive is a positive."

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