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News item: Quarterback Trent Dilfer, who helped the Ravens win the Super Bowl in the 2000 season, recently said he was retiring after 13 seasons in the NFL.

My take: This comes as no great surprise. Dilfer's arm announced its retirement about four years ago.

Bonus take: All kidding aside, there isn't a Ravens fan worth his or her purple face paint who isn't a Dilfer fan. My favorite moment was that playoff record 96-yard touchdown pass to Shannon Sharpe in the AFC championship game against the Oakland Raiders. Farewell and good luck.

News item: The Maryland Stadium Authority is recommending the construction of a new 15,000- to 16,000-seat arena in Baltimore even though that's at least 2,000 seats too small for an NBA or NHL franchise.

My take: Funny, I thought we already had an obsolete downtown arena.

News item: Spanish cyclist Manuel Beltran tested positive for EPO after the first stage of the Tour de France. He has been kicked out of the race and was taken into police custody.

My take: Even I can't believe anyone would take that kind of risk to win an ugly shirt, and nobody enjoys a good ugly shirt more than I do.

News item: The Green Bay Packers have refused to grant Brett Favre his unconditional release, which means they almost certainly will trade him out of the NFC North before the opening of training camp.

My take: Can't entirely rule out the Washington Redskins at this point, because it really wouldn't have to make sense.

News item: Historic Yankee Stadium will play host to its fourth All-Star Game on Tuesday before closing at the end of the season.

My take: I heard Favre recently texted the Yankees and told them he has changed his mind and doesn't want the stadium to be retired.

News item: NASCAR's BAM racing team has offered sponsorship deals to presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

My take: I'm guessing the last time anyone saw McCain on the hood of a moving car, it was a '58 Rambler.

News item: Imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick has filed for bankruptcy, citing debts that total between $10 million and $50 million.

My take: I'm guessing he'll have to be a little more specific when he actually gets to court.

News item: Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez is being hailed as a hero after performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking man at a Huntington Beach, Calif., restaurant.

My take: This is a true and heart-warming story, so keep your Donovan McNabb jokes to yourself.

News item: Washington and the Nationals are headed for arbitration in a nasty dispute over unpaid rent and allegedly incomplete construction at brand-new Nationals Park.

My take: It's refreshing to find out that the Orioles aren't the only major league team that regularly feuds with its stadium landlord.

News item: The Ravens are listed in Las Vegas as 125-1 shots to win the Super Bowl this season and 20-1 to win the AFC North.

My take: If you're thinking of taking those odds, you might want to do so before Favre gets here.

News item: Agent Jeff Borris says Barry Bonds could be ready to play in 10 days if there wasn't a conspiracy to keep him out of the majors.

My take: Can't argue with the conspiracy part. What possible reason could any team have for not wanting to sign him, other than that perjury indictment and the fact that he's almost 44, injury-prone and one of the most dislikable characters ever to play the game?

News item: There is a cemetery on Chicago's North Side that has begun designing an ivy-covered wall reminiscent of Wrigley Field that will include "eternal skyboxes" for cremated Cubs fans.

My take: I bet the bleacher bums are already taking up a collection for Steve Bartman.


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