So who's surprised? A-Rod, wife not happy couple for a long time

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WELL, it certainly took Cynthia Rodriguez - now busy maxing out her hubby's credit cards - a long time to admit that she doesn't believe Madonna and Alex had a sexual affair, but "an affair of the heart." There is a significant difference, folks.

Here's the deal: Alex has been in an unhappy marriage for some time. (Ever see Cynthia and Alex interact? Not a cheerful duo.) He has behaved, according to rumors and strippers, without much discretion or concern. At age 29, he's no kid. It is likely he began to wonder if there was a way to alter his behavior and his life.

Enter Madonna. Even before Kabbalah, the pop icon was a finger-wagging "do as I say ... I know best" kind of woman. Once immersed in the mysticism of Kabbalah, which promises less "chaos" and a freedom from ego, Madonna became quite the proselytizer.

So she met Alex, they talked. Perhaps he unburdened himself on the state of his marriage. Madonna listened, brought out the big guns of Kabbalah, and told him it could help change his life. I don't doubt there was a attraction on both sides. He is very much her "type." And despite the ghastly paparazzi pics of late - and Madonna's incredibly bad sense of style (lacy knickers and high heels) - she remains, in person, appealing and beautiful. So there was probably plenty of sexual tension. But that doesn't mean consummation. I honestly do not believe Madonna would carry on an affair in front of her three children, in her own home.

The man in the middle

As for Guy Ritchie, he came to New York and has suffered agonies few men could endure. The headlines have been battering. I think the marriage is strained to the max, but neither wants to give up just yet. They entered into their wedlock with high hopes and expectations. And just like millions of "regular" folks, found out that perhaps they'd misunderstood the ground rules. Or didn't realize any were needed.

The rumor mill insists they will split in November after Madonna's tour ends. Huh? Like people won't go see Madonna if she's separated from Guy? It's not like he's part of the act. If she wanted it over, he'd be gone.

A new Novak film?

Army Archerd of Variety recently interviewed Kim Novak, who is retired and living happily in Oregon with her veterinarian husband. They spoke of Kim's 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle, in which she plays a witch. The movie also starred James Stewart, Jack Lemmon and Elsa Lanchester as Kim's dotty old auntie, also a witch.

Miss Novak told Army there's been talk of remaking Bell, Book and Candle with Sharon Stone in the lead, and Kim in the small, wacky Elsa Lanchester role! Hey, any excuse to get Novak back on screen is fine with me. She hasn't made a movie since 1991's little-seen Liebestraum.

And for those of you who remember Novak, or who might want an education on one of the big stars of the '50s/early '60s, check out Turner Classic Movies on Aug. 12. All Kim, all day long.

Novak is the blond who got away. She couldn't deal with Hollywood. She more or less began to withdraw in the mid-'60s; she saw the handwriting on the wall.

So, she was smart with her money and her career. There were no suicide attempts, substance abuse or mental breakdowns. She got out while the getting was good.

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