Williamses' feat extraordinary

The Baltimore Sun

First off, let Mr. Flip say he generally enjoys Mary Carillo's work very much. She strikes him as extremely knowledgeable, articulate and good-humored. Plus, once in a while, she'll stick a pin in John McEnroe.

That said, Mr. Flip couldn't help but notice how, during the Wimbledon women's final Saturday on NBC, she spent a chunk of time talking about how Venus and Serena Williams have accomplished plenty in their tennis careers but could have done more. Their outside interests, Carillo said, kept them from building legacies to match those of the game's greats.

Perhaps that is true, but here's what Mr. Flip was thinking, and it seems to be something that we have lost sight of because we have all gotten accustomed to seeing the Williams sisters win in Grand Slams.

A long time ago, their father decided he was going to turn these two into a couple of the world's best tennis players. And despite their disadvantages, he did just that. Maybe we just don't stop and think about that much anymore. Here is a sport played around the world, and these two young women from the same family were again playing for its most storied championship.

Sounds like a pretty good legacy to Mr. Flip.

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