Stimulus checks got car fixed, satisfied gun urge

The Baltimore Sun

The tax rebate checks sent Americans' after-tax incomes up by the biggest monthly amount in more than three decades, the Commerce Department said recently. And now we know how at least some of the dough was spent. Some excerpts from

"We spent our check on car repair. Don't you know the engine failed the week before our check came. So we stimulated a mechanic shop (which is fine). Our original plan was to finish paying off the car that we repaired. ... Still working on that."

"We paid for our all-inclusive fees at a Mexican resort. 'Dos mas cervezas, por favor, Senor!'"

"We are putting aside the money to pay for our 10-month-old daughter's child care. Our $1,500 check will pay for about 6 weeks of care at 30 hours per week. Maybe a little will be left over so we can buy her some clothes that aren't Mommy's hand-me-downs!"

"I bought a Beretta M9 because I've been wanting to get a pistol. ... Now I'm hooked and saving for a Sig P220 in .40 S&W.;"

"I purchased a Nikon D40 DSLR that I've been lusting over for almost two years. It's finally mine! Now I just need to figure out how to use this fancy piece of equipment. ..."

I haven't found any that said: "I used the stimulus to increase my Roth IRA and 401(k) contributions."


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