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We found artist Michel Modell, 37, kicking up her heels at "Chef's EpiCUREan Evening" - a gourmet dinner at the home of Ed and Katherine St. John, benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. "Some days, you feel great and you can really put it together. And some days, you're barely getting out the door in something that matches," she says.

Age: 37

Residence: Owings Mills

Job: Artist

Self-described style: "Quirky and classic."

The look: Blumarine, stretch-silk, leopard-print sheath with jeweled neckline. Ferragamo gold grosgrain and jeweled high-heel sandals. Nancy Gonzales cream crocodile clutch handbag. Black onyx stud earrings. Prada sunglasses.

Where it came from: The dress and handbag came from Bergdorf's in New York City. Her earrings, from Tiffany. Sunglasses, from the Prada store in New York City.

And then there are the shoes: "They were last-minute buys in France last year. I broke my shoe right before [executive producer/husband David Modell's] movie premiere at Cannes, U2 3D. So, I rushed out of the hotel and bought a pair of shoes - they happened to go with my dress that night - and partied the night away. They are the shoes that met Bono."

Shopping made simple: "I like [my style] to be simple and clean. I'm not a gal who can wear a lot of ruffles and lace. And investing in timeless pieces is the greatest gift you can give yourself. ... About twice a year, I'll get a couple of pieces. ... I'll go up to New York, always Bergdorf's and Saks, followed by lunch at Nello, then Madison Avenue or the meatpacking district."

Windows on the Web: "J. Crew is a wonderful addiction. Shopbop.com, chickdowntown.com. It's like window-shopping without leaving my home."

Her fashion do's and don'ts: "When all else fails, wear a good pair of sunglasses. It will hide any number of sins. Jackie O knew what she was doing. And my only "don't" is knowing when the mini-skirts have to go."

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