Wildcats museum sings the blues

The Baltimore Sun

The University of Kentucky Basketball Museum in Lexington has closed its doors, according to local media reports.

And all I can wonder is, how does this happen?

There suddenly isn't enough interest in the Wildcats? I find that hard to believe, considering how fans are known to color their faces and chests blue - with tattoo ink. These people live and breathe the sport. The first words spoken by most infants are "Adolph Rupp." Parents are more likely to remember Kyle Macy's career stats than their anniversaries. You can look it up.

So were students and residents too busy camping out for football tickets? Are the lines longer at the fried chicken museum?

If there's one place in the world that you'd figure could fill a college basketball museum, it's Lexington, hands down. But the museum no longer can support itself financially, according to executive director Van Florence.

Rather than averaging the expected 110,000 visitors per year, it has attracted about 18,000, and it reportedly owed more than $3 million to eight banks that funded its creation.

According to its Web site, the museum featured interactive exhibits that gave fans the chance to make a radio call of a classic Kentucky hoops moment or play virtual one-on-one against a Wildcat.

You want to make money? Feature interactive exhibits with famed alum Ashley Judd. Now that's some virtual one-on-one.

They'd have to turn people away.

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