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Buddy, can you spare a run?

The Baltimore Sun

The next time you stop at a downtown intersection, take a close look at the homeless guy holding the cardboard sign. That No. 46 Orioles jersey isn't a replica. And he's not asking for a handout.

A second glance at the sign reveals its message: "Will Work For Runs." And then you fully understand. Boy, that Jeremy Guthrie really is becoming desperate.

What's more cruel than sending him to the mound, knowing that the offense won't support him? Doing it on a Sunday.

Talk about a double-whammy. And that's the only double Guthrie can count on when he pitches - though he supplied one of his own over the weekend with his first career hit and promptly got picked off second base.

Even Guthrie won't cooperate with Guthrie.

He has allowed one earned run in five of his past 10 starts and has one victory to show for it. He has permitted two earned runs or fewer in 10 of his 19 starts. And somehow, this guy is 4-7. At this rate, he'll win the American League's ERA title and lose 20 games.

On June 7, the Orioles erupted for nine runs against the Toronto Blue Jays. Guthrie allowed only one through seven innings, striking out six and walking none.

Old habits die hard.

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