Trade for F. Robinson ended up a big deal

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Done with the bad, on with the good.

Thursday, while the Orioles were making Chicago their town, we at Connolly's batted around the worst trades in O's history. Apparently there was this one with the Houston Astros for a mustachioed, soft-jawed slugger. Maybe you know the one I am talking about.

Well, you guys didn't like that one. Not at all.

You didn't like a lot of them, including dealing two Hall of Famers, Eddie Murray and Frank Robinson, for two cases of used baseballs.

But now we're on to the positive side of life - those times when the Orioles made thrifty trades (not to be confused with Syd Thrift trades).

The good ones come in two categories: the in-retrospect-unbelievably-lopsided trade (Eric Byrnes for Larry Bigbie in 2005) and the key-additions-no-matter-the-price deal (the 1976 nine-player trade with the New York Yankees that gave the Orioles Scott McGregor, Tippy Martinez and Rick Dempsey). Rarely does one trade do both.

At least one in Orioles history did: Dec. 9, 1965. The Orioles dealt 13-game-winner Milt Pappas, Jack Baldschun and Dick Simpson for a 30-year-old outfielder - an old 30-year-old - named Frank Robinson.

The rest is Orioles history. That's got to be the club's best deal, right? If so, what's next? Is it that Yankees one? How about Curt Schilling and Brady Anderson for Mike Boddicker?

It's too early to evaluate the big ones this winter, but they sure look good, especially the Erik Bedard-to-Seattle heist.

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