David Steele -- Points after

The Baltimore Sun

The U.S. Olympic track and field trials are this weekend, so be sure to tune in to see which athletes will be suing in 2016 to keep their Beijing medals.

One of these days, someone is going to notice that tennis icon-glamour girl-heartthrob Maria Sharapova falls apart in Grand Slam events fairly regularly.

Andy Roddick, too.

The last time a pro athlete wrapped his hands around his boss' neck, it led the national newscasts, anger-management and workplace-violence experts were consulted, the president of the United States was pressed for his reaction, and the player was kicked out for a year and became an instant pariah. Of course, the last athlete who did that wore cornrows.

Once again, the NBA has told young players that if you're a high school senior, it doesn't need you or want you. Come back one year later, and they'll build franchises around you.

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