Solstice gala

The Maryland Science Center offers a variety of activities to keep children interested and entertained. And, at its annual Solstice gala this year, it did the same for adults.

As hundreds of grown-ups entered the center, they were offered the chance to participate in fun science experiments such as exploding hydrogen balloons, putting nitrogen-soaked animal crackers in their mouths and blowing smoke, or holding hands around an electrostatic machine to act as human electrical conduits.


"Fabulous party. The exhibits are beyond belief. ... It was very exciting to get an opportunity to ride on a Segway," said Bob Laney, who had come to the shindig with fellow Hereford paramedic Victoria Schwatka.

And that was only the first half hour.


This year's party was named "BeauSoleil" and featured a New Orleans theme. Everywhere you looked in the center's main hall, there was another food station, each with some seafood or Cajun specialty.

"The food is great," said Greg Jarosinski, president/CEO of Constellation Energy Projects & Services Group.

"The drinks are great. The signature drink [has] amaretto, Jamaican rum and who knows what else?" his wife, Charlotte Jarosinski, said with a laugh.

Of course, what would a New Orleans-themed party be without music?

In a tent with the Inner Harbor as its backdrop, Buckwheat Zydeco and the Lost Bayou Ramblers kept the party in full swing late into the night.


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