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County deserves positive coverage, too

Recently there have been some negative media coverage given to Anne Arundel County regarding the response of the county and the thoroughness in which it has performed those duties.

I'd like to share a different experience.

We have a tree located between our property and our neighbor's property. The tree was damaged by a storm.

The entire top of the tree broke and was dangling over top of the county road and our driveway. Our neighbor contacted some organizations about the tree and the hazard it presented, but two weeks went by without response.

I contacted the Northern Roads division of the Department of Public Works on Tuesday and explained the hazard presented.

Within about two hours a supervisor from Northern Roads was on site to evaluate the problem. He immediately placed an order for the broken parts of the tree to be cut and removed. The damaged portion of the tree was removed shortly after he gave the order. He also explained what responsibilities the county had and what responsibilities were the obligation of the resident based on easement boundaries.

The crew removed all of the small portions of the broken tree and left a few logs that I could use as firewood.

They did a good job of cleaning up everything associated with the broken tree.

Anne Arundel County isn't perfect but it deserves credit where it is due. I hope this letter can be published to show the positive side of their work.



Resident questions how contracts are awarded

As I read the most recent article about the artificial turf contract in Anne Arundel County (The Sun, June 17), even I questioned the possibility of wrongdoings. However, after reading that the winning company has never installed artificial turf before, I had to do a double take.

Isn't having any experience at all something of a factor in awarding contracts of this size with our money? I've seen a computer before, and I know a guy who works on them. Can I have the country contract on information systems if I bid the lowest? What is wrong with these people?

If this company, with zero experience, messes up the job, who pays to have it redone? Who pays the cost over runs? There will be over runs if they bid lower than companies with experience. Does the county only hire officials that cannot get a job anywhere else? With decisions like this, I suspect they are un-hirable anywhere else. We need to let these people go and hire competent people to replace them. We need to do this every time an agency does something like this. Does anyone wonder why our county is broke? Soon or later, common sense must prevail if we are going to prevail.



Residents and government responsible for bay cleanup

A letter to the editor (The Sun, June 22) said if all waterfront home owners would do their part, the Chesapeake Bay could be cleaner.

The task needs to be left not only to waterfront homeowners. The Chesapeake Bay can never be clean if we do not clean the creeks and other waterways that lead to the Chesapeake Bay. Marley Creek is at least 15 times over the allowed bacteria level for a waterway. People are told not to enter the water unless they are going to take a hot shower within minutes of getting out. It is so bad that you can smell the pollution and bacteria when driving 55 mph past it on Route 10.

Citizens can do their part, but also the great commissions set up by county executives to deal with this problem need to help the citizens. No one person or group can do this alone.


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