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If you want to stand out in a crowd, your go-to guy is Terrell Maddox. The 17-year-old Baltimorean has dressed for school every day to stand out in the crowd, and it wasn't going to change for his graduation from Heritage High School. Maddox might have been required to wear a white shirt and pants, but he was adding his own touches even for rehearsal, when we spotted him grabbing a bite to eat at Harborplace.

Age: 17

Residence: Northeast Baltimore

Job: Recent graduate of Heritage High School

Self-described style: "Unique, confident, outgoing, expressive."

The look: White cotton button-down shirt. Black and gray wool knit vest. White cotton pleated trousers. Black Polo decks. Pink paisley tie. Black Dockers polyester newsboy cap. Aviator sunglasses. Faux carnation.

Where it came from: The shirt is from H&M.; The vest came from Express. The ties and trousers are Macy's finds. The shoes are from Downtown Locker Room. He doesn't remember where he got the hat, but he bought his sunglasses at Miss Trina Boutique in East Baltimore. And the carnation was a gift from his school.

He lives and breathes this stuff: "Fashion is more than just fashion. It's a way to express yourself, to express your emotions, your feelings. There's a new era of fashion every day that you need to maintain. But you have to try to keep your own style, dare to be different."

Daring to be different at graduation: "We had to wear all white. I had to put my own twist on it, so that I would stand out."

He's earned a rep at school: "I'm known for my style. I normally dress a little preppy, maybe; Levi jeans, a sweater, a bold tie. I love glasses with different colors. The first day I came to school, I was wearing True Religion jeans with high-top Nike dunks and a sweater and bold tie. It was red. From then on, everyone else starting wearing bold ties."

Higher-ed transformation: "I'm going to try another look for college, maybe classic Hollywood. I might make it casual with jeans. My top might be a tie with a sweater and dressy shoes."

Shopping is his favorite homework: "I shop every week: Towson Town [Center], H&M;, Urban Outfitters, JC Penney, Macy's, Nordstrom. [I look] for something that catches my eye. If you go looking for something in particular, you won't find it. ... My favorite designer is Christian Dior. Even though I can't afford a lot of it. I like to incorporate [the look] in my own way."


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