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Around the World in 80 Dinners Morrow / $24.95

Billed as "the ultimate culinary adventure," this book is the record of an epic dine-around. Cashing in their frequent-flier miles, food writers Cheryl and Bill Jamison treated themselves to a worldwide gastronomic gallivant, with meal stops in 10 countries, including Thailand, India, South Africa and France. In Australia, they partook of "the world's best sandwich." In China, they attended a Chiu Chow banquet that required the efforts of 40 cooks. Their adventures are rendered in lively detail and transpire as often on the road as in the dining halls. For those who would feast in their footsteps, the restaurants where they supped most memorably are fully listed, and a favorite recipe from each nation is attached. Altogether this odyssey serves up some 800 dishes from Bali to Brazil.

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