Dutch knight jumps again

The Baltimore Sun

While former Oriole Jay Gibbons, who admitted his culpability for involvement with performance-enhancing drugs, had to beg for a second chance in baseball (he recently signed with the independent Long Island Ducks), ex-Oriole Sidney Ponson is on his umpteenth opportunity.

Granted, Ponson's transgressions are of the temperamental and off-the-field, scrapes-with-the-law variety, but he has to count himself plenty lucky - lucky that major league pitching help (or a reasonable facsimile) is at a premium.

Having had actual Dutch knighthood conferred on him, Sir Sidney - who was recently released by the Texas Rangers for being a royal pain in the clubhouse despite a 4-1 record - has just been signed by the New York Yankees. He reports to the minors to get ready for a starting assignment in about a week. This is Ponson's eighth stop with a total of six teams (he has been with the Orioles twice, and this is his second go-around with the Yankees).

New York general manager Brian Cashman reportedly said of his re-acquisition: "Hopefully, whatever happened in Texas stays in Texas."

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