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Lesson unlearned for Walker

The Baltimore Sun

You'd have thought Oakland Raiders receiver Javon Walker would have learned something from the Darrent Williams tragedy.

When the two were teammates on the Denver Broncos, Walker was with Williams when the limousine the two were riding in after a New Year's Eve celebration was struck by bullets killing Williams. The well-liked defensive back died in the arms of Walker, who was unhurt. Before the shooting, they had been in a nightclub where some members of their party got into an argument with other men who were possibly gang-connected. Details are murky, but the disagreement apparently was over the spraying of champagne.

Over the weekend, Walker was in Las Vegas partying at a couple of casino nightclubs into the wee hours and oddly enough, he was spraying club-goers with his own champagne. During the offseason, Walker signed a six-year, $55 million contract with Oakland.

In the early morning hours Monday, he was found beaten and robbed on a Las Vegas street just off the Strip. He's alive, but his injuries required hospitalization. The champagne-spraying is probably just a cruel coincidence - but Walker being back in harm's way might not be.

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