5 Things I Have to Have Now


Tim Camponeschi


Tim Camponeschi is Baltimore-born smooth jazz artist Slim Man. But he is currently embarking on a new career as an Italian chef. Slim Man hosted instructional videos on his Web site until a friend put him in touch with Italian American Network, where the videos are now being shown.

"I am quite flattered," he said.


But Camponeschi hasn't given up his music career just yet. He is working on a new Christmas album in Madrid, with his friend, guitarist and musician Marc Antoine. Camponeschi will be returning to Baltimore to perform at a benefit for the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital next Sunday.

"I volunteered there for more than eight years," Camponeschi says. "I was what they call a cuddler: I fed and held infants who were born addicted to crack, or with fetal alcohol syndrome, burn victims."

To see Slim Man's cooking videos, go to For more information on the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital Benefit, go to or call 410-578-5040.

1. A Vespa

"For two reasons: the gas mileage, and when I go to Rome, I can rent one and go crazy - like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday."

2. An Italian pen pal.

"I'm studying Italian, have been for years - it's a beautiful language, I really love it. I need someone I can call or write to on a daily basis, to keep in practice."

3. A new video camera


"I shoot the cooking videos on an old lo-def camera. It's so old, it's gasoline-powered ... you have to start it like a lawn mower!"

4. A new Mac

"I do all my music and videos on my computer. It's only a few years old, but those Apple folks come out with new stuff every three days."

5. Some new recipes

The Italian American Network just ordered 15 more cooking shows, and I've got to come up with some new dishes.