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I was never a big fan of Sister Sledge, but I'd like to hear their hit single "We Are Family" just once without having the uncontrollable urge to drive my car into a tree. I'd like to hear the name Omar Moreno and not have my ears start ringing from the sound of his wife blowing a whistle and screaming at the top of her lungs - somehow at the same time. I'd like to walk past Scott McGregor just once without thinking of Willie Stargell and wanting to blurt out, "Pitch around him!"

I suppose it's going to take me a little more time to recover from the 1979 World Series. A 12-step program isn't enough.

The Pittsburgh Pirates made their first trip to Baltimore last night since winning Game 7 of the '79 Series, and the occasion was marked by a Turn Back the Clock celebration.

What exactly are we celebrating here?

OK, we can relive the birth of Orioles Magic, courtesy of Doug DeCinces' walk-off home run against the Detroit Tigers on June 22. DeCinces was at Camden Yards last night, along with McGregor and Hall of Fame manager Earl Weaver. And the current players and coaches wore throwback uniforms from that season.

It's not the jerseys that I want to throw back.

How about a do-over for Game 5, when the Orioles led 1-0 before the Pirates scored twice in the sixth against Cy Young Award winner Mike Flanagan?

They tacked on two more runs in the seventh and three in the eighth, but it all seemed so meaningless at the time. The Orioles were going home for Game 6. They would clinch at Memorial Stadium. It was the perfect ending to a glorious season, still my all-time favorite despite the heartbreaking finish. You know what happened from there.

And now I have to relive it again.

Forgive me if I just close my eyes really tightly and imagine McGregor recording the final out in '83. I believe that's Step 13.

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