For any 'Sex in the City' sequel, please sharpen editing scissors

FORTY IS the last age a woman can be photographed in a wedding dress without the unintended Diane Arbus subtext," says somebody in the new movie version of Sex and the City.

(This got almost as big a laugh as when Sarah Jessica Parke r is handed an iPhone to make an emergency call. She looks at it in disgust, hands it back and says, "I can't work this!")


So one of the early summer's big hits, Sex and the City is fading a bit.

The movie broke records in its first weekend, a whopping $57 million. It dropped precipitously in its second week.


But by the time the big-screen adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her three girlfriends is out of circulation, it will for sure have netted $100 million.

Then it's onto DVD and sale to television. I doubt anybody is complaining. The powers involved are already talking sequel. But if that happens, please, please, do some editing. Life is too short for 2 hours and 44 minutes of Les Girls - no matter how charming they all are.

I went to the hysteria-tinged Radio City Music Hall premiere, and reviewed it. I went again to see it last weekend with a friend. Had the atmosphere of the premiere clouded my judgment pro or con? Nope. It was just as over-ripe, funny, raunchy, sentimental and as wildly manipulative as I remembered.

And it still had three endings! No matter what your head tells you, in your heart you end up liking these four women and rooting for them.

And the audience of young and older women in the theater sat as if transfixed. When the lights came up it seemed to have been a religious experience!

Thoughts on Clinton

Watching Hillary Clinton's brilliant - and honest - concession speech on Saturday, I have to ask her foes, all those who screamed in frustration when she didn't fold the night Barack Obama passed her in the delegate count: Do you think she could have given such a speech on that particular night, coming off a whisper-slim loss? No. She did what was right for her and her still-fired-up supporters.

Now she has conceded and has pledged her full support to Obama. I thought she struck the perfect tone. She did not praise him to the skies, but emphasized to her 18 million strong army that all would be lost if John McCain wins the White House. Therefore, get over your disappointment and vote for Obama. (You have a very conservative Supreme Court facing you otherwise.)


No wedding, by George

Here's my favorite quote to come out of George Clooney's split with former waitress Sarah Larson: "George has a short attention span!"

Oh, now ... it's not that short. They dated nine months, and let's figure six of those months were terrific. People say Sarah is "stunned and hurt" and thought she would be the one to change George's singular single man ways. Silly Sarah.

Clooney has been resolute in his declaration that he has no desire ever to marry again. His one and only wedlock was so long ago, gossip columnists were then writing on cave walls.

George does not mistreat his women. He is said to be generous and a gentleman. But he is not a long-term investment, ladies. Make hay while the sun shines. He will. Clooney likes to hang with his guy pals and throw eggs at the houses of directors he doesn't like. Just a naughty little boy in a matinee idol's body.