MARY CARROLL Alderman is all about fashion. She owns the Panache clothing store in Green Spring Station and is one of the best advertisements for the place. At work, and off, this Ruxton resident is always a fashion plate. An unconstructed tunic top, skinny white jeans and fabulous shoes are what she throws on to meet friends for a casual dinner at Tark's Grill at the Station. Alderman knows how to put the va-va in voom!

Age: "I'm still 44."

Residence: Ruxton

Job: Owner of Essentials by Panache

Self-described style: "Classic, but updated and a little bit trendy."

The look: Black cutaway sheer cotton tunic by Tocca. Tag white jeans. Lulu Guinness black slingback shoes with cork platforms. Chanel black leather shoulder bag. Gold and diamond hoop earrings. Gold, platinum and bezel diamond bracelet.

Where it's from: The tunic and jeans came from Panache. The shoes came from The Little Shoebox. The handbag is a vintage piece she's owned for years. And the jewelry was purchased from Marley Fine Jewelry.

Where she shops: "Naturally, I shop at Panache. I shop in Florida. I'm there a lot. My shoes come from Neiman Marcus and The Little Shoebox. I like Tory Burch shoes. She keeps her prices moderate. At Neiman's, I get great deals. I love Gucci shoes and I wait for the markdowns. I have a huge weakness for shoes. I love them all. What I like about The Little Shoebox is you can find a little glamour there. It's the only shoe store in town where your shoes can make your outfit."

A better fashion sense: "I think I'm much more conscientious now about my clothes, perhaps because of age. Although I'm not hung up on what I wear. When you're a little bit older, you tend to care a little bit more about what you look like. It's not forgetting to put on the makeup when you leave the house. It's making sure it's put on correctly. ... I'm aware of my changing body. But I think it's still important to accentuate the positive and work with the styles given."

Making current trends work: "The unconstructed look that's so in can be flattering as long as you wear it correctly. ... I love the unconstructed look, and I love a really high shoe. And I think the two marry perfectly. ... I think, currently, prints are so important and so many people are afraid of them. So, I've become print-friendly. I still like a print top with a solid bottom. A modest amount goes a long way."

Finishing off a look: "What I feel really completes an outfit these days is a great purse. The beaded bag? What used to be called dressy, is now such a cool accessory. So, for me, I can still be understated and comfortable and have a little bling and it stands out. It's how you carry it."

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