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David Steele -- Points after

The Baltimore Sun

There were more indelible moments left by the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals than in the entire San Antonio-Cleveland series last year. Paul Pierce in the wheelchair accomplished that on its own.

On that topic, I sure wish I could find a snippet of a highlight somewhere from the Magic-Bird faceoffs from the '80s. It's been nearly 30 seconds since ... oops, never mind.

The Seattle Mariners have a huge payroll, high expectations, underachieving stars, the worst record in baseball going into the weekend, an enraged fan base and a manager who went off on a potty-mouthed public tirade. Good thing he never mentioned anything about race, though, or else he'd really be in trouble.

Note to aforementioned manager: I know Lee Elia, I've met Lee Elia, and you, sir, are no Lee Elia.

Another city public high school football field - first at Poly, now at Mervo - renovated with a huge assist from the Ravens. Fortunately, the city's baseball fields are in such pristine shape that the Orioles don't need to do anything similar for their sport.

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