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County's Fort Smallwood Park rejects couple's Golden Age Pass

This morning, my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to visit Fort Smallwood Park and take a few pictures of ourselves for our children and grandchildren, in a quiet picturesque setting, as we have no recent photos.

Since we are on a fixed income, it wouldn't be cost-prohibitive to drive from Brooklyn Park, gas prices being as they are today. Also, we thought that since we were senior citizens, we could use our Golden Age Pass (courtesy of the Maryland Park Service), thus possibly saving a couple more dollars.

Upon our arrival at the park, we proudly presented our passes to the guard at the gate, and after he studied the card for a split second, stated, "This card is no good here." I asked why, and he stated that Fort Smallwood Park is a county park. I then asked, "Is this park not in the state of Maryland"? He said, "It is, but that card is for state parks."

Rather than argue, we left, somewhat confused as to what constitutes a park that is in Maryland, compared to a park that is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

The governor says he wants people to enjoy what the state has to offer, but in this particular instance, that doesn't hold true. How much would it cost the taxpayers to have you send out a memorandum to the Maryland Park Service allowing certified Golden Age cardholders admittance to the parks in Maryland? I would gladly contribute what I can from my meager savings toward such an endeavor.

Norman M. Cutsail, Baltimore

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