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Time to go. This rhyme says so.

The Baltimore Sun

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss' Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!)

Hillary R. Clinton will you please go now!

It really is time

This time.

So go.


You can go by car

You can go by plane

We don't mean to rile,

But maybe by boat

Down the river, De Nile?



You can go by way of Montana,

You can go by way of South Dakota,

But after they vote today

You'll go then, now won't ya?

It's over.

It's been over.

At least since May.

You may have had a fun day

On Sunday

When you won in Puerto Rico.

But back in D.C.

Things went l oco, un poquito.

No Hillary!

No Peace!

We'll vote for McCain,

Supporters said with no shame.

We'll take our contention

All the way to the convention!

You say, Mine, all mine

About the delegates of Michigan.

As much as you wish it again,

Must we go through this again?

It's true: You won

that mitten-shaped state

But no one else

Was even on the slate.

Be gone!

Be a dear!

Be anywhere!

But here!

You wanted to stick around

For every last delegate.

But if you're still here tomorrow

It'll be just for the helluvit.

Some cry sexism;

We say: Absurdism.

It's just a case of

Wanting someone else-ism.

So will you go tonight?

Will you take a red-eye flight?

Will you take a bicycle built for two?

And take Bill along with you?

Ah, Hillary that reminds us

Of what still binds us

To you, the first first lady

To want to make policy

Not cookies and tea.

You were a feminist, see?

And yes, so are we!

But that was then.

This is now.

Time to go.

Take a bow.

We're not trying to rush ya.

We're not trying to hush ya.

You found your voice.

But it started saying strange things.

About hard workers who were white,

And the bad things that June brings.

We're tired, aren't you?

We've moved on, can't you?

No one will call you lazy.

If you call it quits now

Before we all go crazy.

Those remaining superdelegates

May be indecisive.

But that doesn't mean

You should be so divisive.

You fought a good fight,

You weren't just lucky,

You kept coming back,

Indiana, Kentucky.

But now, you should go.


We might miss you someday.

We think we just might.

Your pantsuits, your Penn,

Your face on CNN.

But how will we know?

Unless you just GO?

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