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Today, we return to occasionally reprinting a selection of the more interesting comments concerning our editorials, as posted on our Web site, Most are excerpted; some have been edited for clarity.

In an editorial Monday, we supported schools CEO Andres Alonso's position that transferring students from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and other high-performing city schools shouldn't be the first option for students who weren't measuring up. But Mel, a Poly alumnus from Baltimore, felt strongly that academic standards shouldn't be compromised: Poly and City are fine schools and have been for decades. Higher standards were put in place to ensure that the right students are there. Challenging those students should be the priority, not lowering the standards for the masses. Build better students before they apply; that will ensure that the right grade of students are there. Lowering the marker is and always will be the wrong way.

On the national political scene, we suggested that Sen. Hillary Clinton recognize that she won't have the delegate count to win the Democratic nomination, gracefully concede, and help reunite the party. But Frank, of Glen Burnie, had other thoughts: As a lifelong Republican, I love it when the Democrats implode upon themselves in an election year. All they had to do was run a candidate that was capable of beating [Sen. John] McCain (which should not have been hard to find), and tell everyone else in the primary to "wait until next time, once we have control of the White House . . . Clinton can't win the [nomination]. And there is no way [Sen. Barack] Obama is going to beat McCain. We can all thank Mrs. Clinton for that.

And Douger, of Baltimore, added, No fan of Hillary I, it's amazing she's gotten as far as she has, considering Barry has been the media choice since Iowa, and that he's never gotten the critical eye someone with such a thin resume should have. She has too much of the popular vote behind her to just cave.

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