ON A VERY RAINY DAY IN Towson, you won't find many fashion plates outside, unless you count the drenched, trench-coated folks huddled under umbrellas. But step inside the Lluminaire Salon, and you'll see fashion shining brightly, courtesy of its trendy staff. That begins with salon co-owner Mario Rentuma. In addition to being a stylist, Rentuma has also been a singer and keyboardist with the Christian band "Unveiled" for the past 10 years. It's immediately apparent this guy knows style -- music styles, hair styles and his own style.

Age: 44

Residence: Baltimore County

Job: Owner and stylist at Lluminaire Salon

Self-described style: "Kind of rocker vibe on the conservative side"

The look: Roberto Cavalli black-on-black paisley cotton shirt. Gucci tuxedo pants. Black corduroy fedora. Black leather Christian Dior ankle boots. Kio Yamato glasses. Sterling silver King Baby cross with heart pendant on silver chain. Large Fossil watch. Stainless steel and diamond Teno cuff bracelet.

Where it came from: He bought both the shirt and pants at Saks Fifth Avenue. The hat and the watch were Nordstrom finds. He can't remember where he got his glasses, but his boots and bracelet came from Jeffrey in New York. And the pendant was purchased at the Delano Hotel in Miami.

He creates his own look: "I am a musician, so I have a tendency to wear shirts with a modern fit and wear them on the outside. I wear my sleeves unbuttoned and turned up once, so they're kind of messy looking. ... Black is my signature color. Outside of work I'm pretty much in jeans. ... I'm always in boots. I'm only 5-foot-9, so I like to be a little taller than I am. I have five pair of these."

He dresses by design: "Let's just say I know a lot of Prada and Dolce and Gabbana. But, they're low-waisted and [have] tight legs. I have some 'junk in the trunk,' so Gucci makes pants that are fuller cut, but aren't too too conservative and have some edge. ... I don't say I have an addiction to shopping, but I'll go 2-3 times a month. I do go places that may cost a bit more, but I'll be able to wear [my purchases] for the next 2 to 3 years. These boots I have on are 2 years old. ... I shop at Neiman [Marcus] a lot. Barney's and Jeffrey in New York. And Nordstrom right here. It's a good place to get nice trendy dress shirts; English Laundry, Robert Graham. And J.S. Edwards is one of my newfound places to shop. They have a lot of Etro that I like."

Watches and sunglasses: "Watches. I own quite a few. I like the bigger the better. I'm not into digital. As far as sunglasses, I know there's a trend where they're really big. But, not for me. Those don't fit my face. So, I wear not a real tight frame, but something mid-range, square. Not round. And I found the last three pairs I bought were all Pradas."

What his clothes say: "I would hope [my clothes] give a sense of confidence. If I feel good in what I have on, it's a step in the right direction; a good way to start out the day."

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